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Playce is a web service that develops tools optimized to esports tournaments organizers.
Your Playce tournament website is customized to your colors so that you can easily organize your competitions in a familiar environment. Our tournament software is integrated into your platform, you are in total control of it.

A website made for you

Each of our Playce tournament websites are designated in your colors by our teams. Logos, fonts, colors, graphic universe, many adaptations are possible. We have also developed a Player Tag registration and connection system, allowing the use of the website by your players in compliance with the regulations, and with the aim of centralizing their results and carriers in one playce. Like all our customers, you will benefit from the weekly updates and many others futures upgrades.

A management space

Our Playce Manager, in which you can create and manage your events, tournaments, rules, tournament formats, and other additional information is provided with your Playce website. Our teams have been working for several years to provide an easy-to-use interface, while offering optimal configuration depth.

Tournament formats


Bracket with single or double elimination, third place final or grand final allows you to manage any type of match in versus


League or championship format, possibility of creating several groups, the bests qualify for the next stage

Free For All

Format allowing to manage the competitions in mode 1 against all like Battle Royale or Races types games.

Player area

Our player space simplifies the experience of each user during their tournament. Our chat system will guide your players from one match lobby to another, while allowing them to communicate with their opponent and call an admin if needed in case of conflict.



  • Simple customization of your Playce website
  • Integrated tournament software
  • Done within 24h


  • Premium customization of your Playce website
  • Integrated tournament software
  • Dedicated project manager

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